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Scholarship Opportunity



The purpose of The Rose Lafferty and Flora Foust Educational Funds is to give scholarships to worthy students to assist them in obtaining degrees, vocational training, or special training for the handicapped. A recipient must be a citizen of the United States and must be a current resident of either Erath or Tarrant County. Furthermore, a recipient must have lived in said county for at least one year. Applicants must be of good character, showing evidence of seriousness of purpose and willingness to work. The course of study or training must be pursued in Texas, unless the education or training sought cannot be obtained in Texas. An applicant desiring to attend a school outside the State of Texas must clearly demonstrate the necessity thereof. The amount of scholarships is not fixed. The amount of any given scholarship will be determined by need. Scholarships will be awarded for a specific educational purpose and for a specific time period. not to exceed one year. This scholarship is due by March 1st.

Below is the a way to look at a brochure with more information




Below is the pdf for the scholarship application

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